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Sep 9, 2017

Hikari's BirthDay!

It's been a long time that we even barely post anything here and it's because we've been quite active towards our facebook page... lol

Firstly we'll roll back to 28 August! where this day Hi-chan begins her journey as our very own mascot back in 2009 till now.

as we have been to the usual place to do her birthday photo shoots but this time round we went to the gardens and celebrate her birthday instead.

Starting by keeping calm and noming the dorayaki before we go the a more opened space for her celebration.

Meanwhile when hi-chan is playing the "mawaru game" lol

Her friends is starting to gather around her * sings birthday song *

and brings up a slice of rainbow cake as hi-chan is surprised in a way.

Lastly well noming her bbq buta stick and well the photo shoot of hi-chans birthday was another success is specially thanks to the folks for joining in!
and i.hoshi for the slice of rainbow cake~ XD

Hikari: Thanks for viewing and see you in the next post!^^v

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