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Mar 3, 2017

Hikari's Illustrations

It's been another long time ever since our last post. 

So this time round we are rolling back to Hikari's latest illustrations for 2017 that was posted in our facebook page few months ago for the 1st time we came out with two instead if one illustration including the a simple background as well.

below is a peaceful yet relax illustration we have tried out this time... 

and another is the cool with a little action pack style compared the previous battle suit versions. 

and lastly before sigining out we have decided the existing Project PIC which started it back in 2012 bringing hikari's illustration and our own stop motion videos like the Nendo reviews, Baka being thrown and CNY greeting videos, to be split out for the illustration portion to a new name call illustŴorkz.

Hi-chan: See ya in the next post!

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