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Dec 18, 2015

Project KanMusu

Before we start the post , This shoot is a risky one compared to all our other shoots so far, and there was no damaged to the BJD (Hikari-chan),  but due to a mid storm there was slight damage on some parts of the project (Ship portion) itself as a result we urge NOT to try this.

It's been a long time since ever  to have an outing shoot  for big  this time round... as part of our year end project we decided that to make something from the recent anime KanColle that was back in Jan 15 so let's dive into where we started...

at  a breath taking quiet sea bay, which is a  great place to shoot!

And so here we have our mascot Hikari-chan has been working with me in this project  cosplays most my favorite character from the ainmation Kantai Collection which a battleship named
(Yamato) XD 

Hikari: Papa Quick where's my Yamato backpack? *Feels excited*

All the parts are up and going! as the Yamato's back pack is snap fitted on her waist mount.

while the shoot is still in a mist of setup Hi-chan makes a selfie first... lol

Now let us take a look at the sides and front hulls of the yamato we tried to make it "the same" but adding a bit of the Real details in it as it is not easy to make which took us about 8 months to finish the structure excluding Touchups.

and also the MOST interesting  part of all the both hulls need NOT require for external/extra stands to support  in order to make this happen this Yamato Backpack has went into a strict durability and stress test of withstanding harsh winds under 5~7hours along with hikari-chan
(which this shoot was encountered with a mid storm).
so what are the guns mounted yamato backpack it's as specified below:

- 40 cm/45 Type 94 naval gun 3x

-15.5 cm/60 3rd Year Type naval gun 2x

-12.7 cm/40 Type 89 naval gun 6x

-Type 96 25 mm AT/AA gun 4x

and these guns are NOT 3D printed but instead they are all handmade.

the size of this yamato(Backpack only) is measured about W46xD55xH30 cm.
Well she is READY to set sail and out for some sea ride!
For now just sit back and enjoy the following photo's... ^^v

Now if you folks are wondering how the setup for the shoot has been done?
above photo answers the question by using:
-1x Revamp DW stand
-1x Gorillapod to mount the doll stand 
-1x Tripod to mount the Back pack
and the Yamato backpack above between the BJD is snap fitted in.
As coming to an end as an appreciation we would like thank all the comrades that helped us and our

 Kazuki yorozuya team:

Leon & Suishou
and also For the Gorgeous Handmade Yamato Plush (photo above)

Specially Thanks to:

ALL Photos taken by Canon 1000D & 7Dmk2
Writer: TZW
Editor: Suishou

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