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Nov 3, 2015

Project Orange Blade 2

It's been awhile since we are having lots of fun in making props. well this time round we are back in re-making a brilliant orange sword(Doll size) that we've done once 2 years ago with the help of Mi-chan, as the one below.

and let's see what we have here!

Looking at the core of the blade itself, here is the Project Orange Blade 2 and it's the 2nd version completed on 6 September this year from what we see above.

This time round the way of making is quiet different from the 1st version as the handle of the sword using a wood material and outer layer is covered by another material called styrene, we try to make it more realistic by spraying black instead of painting it on and adding in a bit of weathering effects on the handle of the sword.

Details is what we like to do! while the blades detailed line was script by using a pen knife.

Now after what we have finish with all the touch ups, its time for a test! 
right above we have Hi-chan as our model in helping me holding the sword firmly.


lighting up part of the blade and shining it from the end till the tip of the blade with a hand held led making sure that there are no cracks on it.

next we have Hi-chan showing the side of the handle and also the orange core(which is snap fit into the blade). 

Well lastly leaving you the making of the Project Orange Blade 1st version.

Mi-chan: mmm.. an nostalgic project that we've done.. and so...
              See ya in the next post! X3

Signing off by Kazuki

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