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Oct 26, 2015

Flash back to the Future(Review)

While it's been a long time since our last posts and as the 1st post in 2015... (lol)
we be doing a little flash back review and whats being cooking on 21st OCT 2015.

looking at this DMC some of us or even all of us should be very familiar and the answer it's right below!

And yes we are going 
Back To Future! 2 back to where the DeLorean(DMC) has been used as known as "Time machine" this figurine is from Revoltech which released this time machine on 18 SEP 15 as we can see with a decent package.

and so let's take a close look at the details packed on the Time machine.


   Well the Back looks more            interesting where all the            mechanisms are on top 
of the engine compartment.  

Time to fill it up with some Beers!

the interior of the DMC. 

Alright now it is time for the Time machine to transform and also lift off as well. As we recall for this review it is made specially for the fans of back to the future and other viewers too. We are gladly to share various things and to have fun while work and play. Have a (Great Scott) day. 

Please enjoy our photos.

A delightful side view of DMC on how it begins to traverse. It produces such memorable moments of it's mechanisms from ground to air.  

 The time machine has a mysterious transmitting aura that makes us gaze on it. The Cityscapes background blends in as an extra effect.

A detailed back view of the time machine gives a unique outlook and design in special way with the effects.

Mi-chan: See ya in the next post! X3

Signing off by Suishou(Writer/Editor)

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