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Oct 30, 2014

Project Halloween with Mitsuyuki

With the little time we have to make things simple and we are back for a short project!
This time round is all about Halloween theme which makes Mi-chan excited and ready for the spooky night!

 we are back again at the Botanic Gardens, where one of the place that nature bends in nicely for the Halloween theme...

A wooden ward in Mi-chans hand and she's ready to go for a witch or wizard or twintail...? XP 


While sunset starts this is where fun is about to begin..

time for a...

little magical show..
 Bending into the nature is one of mi-chans favorites right below.

it's time for the spooky show which is about start...

Night comes down with two bats flying around mi-chan making a debut like...XD  (...handmade these bats last minute out of felt...)
Ending of the show mi-chan shows her black coat with a pattern of a big bat...

*Chatting some magic spells and the coat disappears*

*pulls out a ward*
she is like gonna pull some magic again?

or a KICK?!

suddenly the kick grows... XP
alright enough of kicks and lastly leaving u a close up photo of Mi-chan...

Mi-chan: See ya in the next post!!!

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