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Aug 30, 2014

Hikari-chans 1st year Birthday specials

Rolling back to the day 28 Aug at the Singapore's newest National Stadium where things is about to be started so as mi-chan reminded his own forgetful papa that this day was Hikari-chans....

and how forgetful i am to be, so mi-chan suggested to make a surprise to her nee-san at somewhere that's new below...

as we reached the stadiums Gate 8 alley mi-chan went off to pick up a something for the surprise later...

now the reason for taking a photo at this gate is [8 Gate 8] is also mark as 2"8"/"8"... ^^

it seems like she's gonna run around like her house again before we start the surprise let's look at where hikari-chan runs till her papa wore out... XD 

Hikari-chan with her favorite V pose in the interior of the stadium and which only opens in the weekends for public walkabouts too...

and she was so excited by running down to the soccer field.

another favorite "point up to the sky" pose she always like to do... XD 

off and round about outside of the stadium.

A full view of the stadium dome.

i think she might be too excited making this pose for two times a day. XD

Running back up again it is time for something to happen...

and Mi-chan is back with a box with her mmm...

ooh look whats written on the box... ^^ 

Mi-chan: Papa go prepare the cake while i distract nee-san.
Papa: Okies go ahead!... XD

As usual Mi-chans style *Hugs* on her nee-san...

while Mi-chan is distracting Hikari-chan her she's about to burst into shock where the cake has been prepared!

Mi-chan: Nee-san i have a a present to show u!
Hikari-chan: ??Erh??*Confused*

Hikari-chan:*In a blink Shocked*

Mi-chan n Me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to U~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hikari-chan/nee-san~
Hikari-chan: ... *still in a shock*

Me: here's your present a newly made hair pin...
Hkari-chan: :3

while sunset is getting in close which makes the end of the celebration...

and well she was happy!... XD

Lastly leave you with the night scene of the stadium dome.

Special Thanks to the people in helping out:

Leon Gremory


Hikari-chan: See U in the Next POST!!!

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