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Aug 8, 2014

Ferrari Hozuki @ Marina Barrage

A teaser from our page has been reviewed!

Let's meet our newest family member her name is Ferrari Hozuki-chan! 

She's saying hi from the carousel horses.
A little intro about Hozuki-chan, she is actually come from the anime called Galilei Donna (for more info click on the link) as the third daughter of the ferrari family along with her two sisters Hazaki(as her Big sis) and Kazaki(as her 2nd sis), well for her character she is quite shy but yet a small creator whom love science to build something amazing.
back to the walking around...

it's the 1st time bring her out to Marina Barrage for a photo shoot well it turn out just to be great.  

and this is what is about to be happen when she goes wild below...

At the end of the day she wanted to ride the carousel again waving the her hands with a goodbye.

Hozuki: See you in the next post! ^^

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