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Aug 9, 2014

BJD display "Wonderland" (@ EOY14)

Yet another awesome display called "Wonderland" by Fujiwara Yukino, this time with the collaboration of Fujiwara Yukino, Tanginepops, 天使の日常, Leon Gremory, K.W.Designs, KAZUKI"S BLOG, Team Of Dolls, showsdoll, Dreamparticle, and of cause our friends which came all the way from KL UE Creative World joins in the fun!

So this time round to make things more exciting for your little ones to join in the fun the project "Wonderland" is based on a Carnival theme for the 1st time we'll get to see something like a carnival street so step right up!...

First off, looking at the showsDoll's floss candy store!

it's not only just a Floss candy store but a store in it's outlook blended with pretty nice arrangements.
Which make nymph-chan enjoys the day.

Next we have Team Of Dolls performing a Circus slideshow!
Chun is in the performance too.

A glance of the Circus Slideshow from the team of dolls performance is definitely to make an excitement to their audiences!  

Continuing to the next store by Dreamparticle!

This is actually a Hat store which you can find various types of animal hats for your little ones and what's best is the hats are all handmade by Dreamparticle!

After walking for several hours, how about taking a break and have some refreshments to quench your thirst?
an store idea by K.W.Design.

The gorgeous papayas and its delightful juices which is shown in the photographs are made and commissioned by Snowfern Clover.

Yaya’s papaya store is now open for business and ready to serve the upcoming thirsty customers.

How about making a quick stop and grab some balloons as a gift to remember us by?
looking at this Balloon Stand made by Tanginepops.

The stand also comes with two oxygen tanks as well.

The idea of our unique balloon stand is interesting because its string measurements suits the size of the little one’s hands.

before the last three attractions are up next let's look at the Duck Shooting game setup by 天使の日常!

Bulls eye! and Blueberry WINS!...A basic duck shooting game with movable ducks that transforms for the little ones (1/6 scale) to play with.

Now coming down to the last three attractions, from Fujiwara Yukino we have the ferris wheel at the size of 2.4meters (standing height 3.2meters)!

Below are the few passengers riding the ferris wheel.


As one of the main attraction the ferris wheel can carry up to 8 passengers , it has a special feature that it will shine its beautiful lights to attract more passengers.

Next attraction is a collaboration project from 天使の日常, Leon Gremory, K.W.Designs, KAZUKI"S BLOG we have the 1/6 Carousel.

and we have Ma-chan manning the carousel to welcome people to join in the fun.

Alright below is whom are the ones joining in for the ride.

As one of the 2nd attraction from ferris wheel, This carousel which has 6 horses that able to carry 6 passengers at time while rotating in one direction.

Lastly we have the UE Creative World which they came all the way from KL to singapore!

UE Creative World is specialize in handmade plush from the favorites like Kantai Collection, Kill La Kill, Miku and many other more handmade stuffs as well.

That's all for now and leaving you a carnival street with a nice sunset scenery.  
Credits to Project "Wonderland":

- Fujiwara Yukino

Credits for the above Displays:

- Fujiwara Yukino (Ferris Wheel)

- Tanginepops (Balloon Stand)
- 天使の日常Leon Gremory, K.W.Designs & KAZUKI"S BLOG (Carousel)
- K.W.Designs & Snowfern Clover (Papaya milk store)
- Team Of Dolls (Circus Slideshow)
- showsdoll (Floss Candy store)
- Dreamparticle (Hat store) 

and also Special thanks to Aqil for helping out in the making of this post. 


Thanks to all!

Hozuki: See you in the next post!

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