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Jun 2, 2014

HikariXMistuyukiXMadoka @ Chinese Garden

We are back again and this time a little family outing to Chinese Garden just right below...

Greetings from Mi-chan sharing her tic tac... XD

While Hikari-chan using her trusty pentax cam to shoot around.

off for a walk!


training along with... um Ma-chan what are u doing??

and back to her usual run about...

Mi-chan goes for a sightseeing... ~relaxing~ 

Hikari-chan still continues shooting around with.. eh... 

a komodo dragon slighted...

Hikari: *seeks up slowly for a shoot*  

*looks at hikari-chan*

Hikari: *Gulps and Snap a photo*

off to the Japanese Garden side which Ma-chan once again... XD 

Mi-chan continues relaxing...


and when papa is not around... 

~Sisters love~

Lastly a sunset...
See ya in the next post!

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