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Dec 18, 2013

The Blue Blade

Project katana which started in 2012 as also a head start by making out the 1st prototype "The Orange Blade"(Mirai's Millennium Blade) and now comes with yet another interesting sword this time from SAO which took about 2 months to finish the actual sword in this year march and...

with Shiny blue Gem...

and its beauty crafts work... 

its Asuna's Sword!

making a debut of the sword... ^^

well mitsuyuki gets a fun testing it but im still wondering how she learn "that" skill? XD
also with a little add-on...

alright here's the rightful owner and she's reiya who cosplayed as asuna gets a awesome the gift as a promise...
(Reiya by Sheep)

Lastly it's a Asuna with a Asuna... XD
(Asuna Cosplayer by: Mikki Nyan)

and also leaving u with the past Project katana work enjoy!^^
Special Thanks to
for the photo's above...

*Hikari: See ya in the next post!...*


  1. Hello! I just found you through 天使 Figures ... and your blog is so cute... and wow... this sword is great! You do amazing work!!!

    Feel free to stop by my Neemo (and DD blog XD )

    1. Hello too! Thankyou very much for your comments! and i will DO stop by your blog as well! ^~^v