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Dec 28, 2013

Morishima Hikari(Blog Mascot) 1st Solo Shoot

Hikari: While heading down along the stream wondering who's this?
it's Morishima Hikari!
Eh? but isn't that me? ><||
(So papa decided to bring me out at last... XD)

ok me decided to walk in the park...

and standing at the corner...

then out for some wind breezy...

which feels like summer...^^

dazzling in the city...

need a helping hand? 

oh and some of my sisters friends... 

my little sis is playing all around as well...

*kicks water*

now coming to a rest...

with double of me! XD

Lastly the success of Hikari BJD Project is also
Specially Thanks &
Credits to:
Alvin nii-san
plus the rest of papas comrade who helped out in this project as well...
~!Thank you!~

See ya in the next post!

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