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Aug 27, 2013

MadokaXMarisa & Mitsuyuki と Megumi (Penang trip specials)

Mitsuyuki: Time to share some new friends that we met recently in papa's trip to penang right Onee-san?
Madoka: yup! and Let's get it on!!

Madoka: right up is me and here is Marisa the 1st meet on the

touching down soon gonna we hide in our papa's pocket...

and off cause Neemo's assemble!

 in one of george town's awesome place

and the next day in CJC me with marisa was playing with this kyojin "head".. XD

Mitsuyuki: next up is me with megumi in CJC as well...
while in 3rd day papa decided to shoot around..

tired for the day...

and thats all rolling back to the 1st day in Penang Hill...
Madoka: See ya in the next post!


  1. saw your musume at CJC ^^ ,just get my hands on lilia Black Raven III, I'm still newbie, wondering if you can share the tutorial on how to styling her hair ^^,

    *greeting from malaysia

  2. Haha no prb... will pm u hw as soon as im back to com mode... ^^\