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Aug 26, 2013

DIY neemo Base Stand

Hikari: As mention in our page will be reviewing something so let's get down to "What's this?"

As ideas from Slmka, papa got a request and working with slmka which they came out a small project DIY neemo Base Stand above...

As zooming back to KTM shoot this stand's 1st test was to withstand 6 neemo's including my sis Ma-chan at a time which being a big help to papa and friends for their photo shoot...

looking from the side...

results was quite awesome and forget to mention this stand is also can be mounted on a tripod as well!..

Neemo's Assemble!!

 Ma-chan: See ya in the next post!
Special thanks to all & credits to Slmka.
(Above stand is NOT for sale..)