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Jul 19, 2013

Mitsuyuki's solo @ Gardens By The Bay

Hi, i'm Mitsuyuki here! for today onwards papa said i should do my own solo intro... *yanderes* XD
so in this post is my first time being in Gardens by the Bay as my sister Madoka nee-san been telling me how fun was it over there so glad that papa finally took me there with some of his friends... >< and from below guess what am i touching?^~^v

Am patting a Buffalo! 
after that was a bit mid rain and thanks to that i'm soak a bit... XD

As rain stopped i went down near the river stream for some relaxation... 

and i also can see the view of the city from here! ^~^

time for some snap snap!!! 

relaxing again...

My trustful pentax cam... 


well back inside again at the super tree i found something... *poke poke*

*Plays around the big tree*

relax like a boss...

walking all over think papa and friends already tired out...

making the last photo of me before going back home... ><

Yoho! Ma-chan here and ...
See ya in the next post! 

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