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Jul 28, 2013

MaとMi @ KTM

Yo! it's me Madoka and Mistsuyuki desu...
Ma-chan: few days back we had lots of fun @ KTM shoot and our 1st proper sister shoot as well right Mi nee-chan?
Mi-chan: Yup we had soo much fun and let's have the 1st photo right up with Madoka Onee-sama's shoot...
Me looking at the bright sun...

Jul 19, 2013


Yoho! Mitsuyuki desu! and lets Zoom back again to Gardens by the Bay within my solo shoots and this time round i met a new friend right below...

and with a very nice toning hair her name is Miyuki nee-san!
*which she has the same front name as Mi*

Mitsuyuki's solo @ Gardens By The Bay

Hi, i'm Mitsuyuki here! for today onwards papa said i should do my own solo intro... *yanderes* XD
so in this post is my first time being in Gardens by the Bay as my sister Madoka nee-san been telling me how fun was it over there so glad that papa finally took me there with some of his friends... >< and from below guess what am i touching?^~^v

Jul 2, 2013

YukataとSakura review

It's back again the reviews this time on YukataとSakura nendos with Ma-chan on with the show...