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Apr 10, 2013

Project Pic - Mascot Hikari

Well it's a long long project since started digital design in 2002 and when hits into 2007 after seeing some animes like "Sola" which encourages myself to pick up digital art and now am still learning as like pic below... -_-||..  ^^v
Hikari mascot project is now completed! >< b 

Skipping on the very 1st version n Version 1 of Hikari which makes her all way to Version 2 which been on this blog since last year till now... but still making room for more changes... and!!!

Here's the latest!
Version 3 and will be appearing from today onwards...
...right Hikari-chan?

...How about a little intro of yourself?...
mmm... okie^^

Hello! my name is Hikari Saitomori and my name was adopted from a project called HIKARI as well...
as from today onwards i will be assisting papa on few Projects like KATANA, PIC & EXS as a head start...

Minna-san Yoroshiku Onaigaishimas!! 

Alright lastly Hikari and Me wana specially thanks in many ways to my the few Sensei 's for the guides and mistakes along the way...

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