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Apr 23, 2013

Mirai + Sonico Nendo review

Nendo Reviews is also back again this time round with Mirai & Sonico Nendos... ok so Ma-chan i'll hand the reviews over to you...
Ma-chan: OK!

Ma-chan: Hello everyone! it's been awhile!
*um.. moving?...*
okie anyways today we have...
*Screen starts*
*Vrooom vroom*
Mirai & Sonico in our studio...
and moving...

Ma-chan: the next section...
*while Opening the boxes a large crush sound occours*
???: ... hehe XP
???: Hmm.. that was fast! XD
*Both still playing with the itasha*
Alright we have here is a bright orange Mirai-chan
and the furry tiger coat Sonico-chan!
Mirai&Sonic: HI!
okie so thats all for the review but never the less there is more right below... XD

(Above was made by Project Pic)
Ma-chan: Hope you enjoy!
see ya in the next post!

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