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Feb 21, 2013

Madoka's Solo @ Batam trip

Well Madoka-chan was excited when she heard that to follow me in my family batam trip And... in this trip while carrying her was not a problem thanks to KATA... XP 
anyways let's see what we have here...  

So we have Madoka-chan pops out for a fresh air while on the ship departing from Habourfront Cruise Center... 

While in Batam Madoka-chan runs wild in the 1st stop in a certain temple... -_-

*Peeks in*

2nd stop at a farm on a hill where she can have a freshness air...
*While her papa climbs like hell*

Hikari-chan was in Batam! XP

Well here comes the last photo where Madoka-chan only have the chance to come out in the Inn in the morning cause after that pours a heavy rain... T-T

Me: Back to HQ! XD
Madoka: Papa is not the last yet... still have below
Me: Eh?... 0.0

Alright lastly here are some collaboration photo's, so enjoy!... ^^ v

Madoka's Trip Photo

Places/Scenery Photo

(Above Photo slide show was made by Project Pic)
See ya in the next post...

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  1. Wow, you went to Batam? I'm from there, but studying in Singapore currently.