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Dec 28, 2013

BJD @ EOY13 (Japanese house theme)

With the collaboration of Fujiwara Yukino, Slmka, Kuroneko, Leon Gremory & many more! this project is Based on the Japanese House theme which makes it yet another awesome display right below... 

Morishima Hikari(Blog Mascot) 1st Solo Shoot

Hikari: While heading down along the stream wondering who's this?

Dec 18, 2013

The Blue Blade

Project katana which started in 2012 as also a head start by making out the 1st prototype "The Orange Blade"(Mirai's Millennium Blade) and now comes with yet another interesting sword this time from SAO which took about 2 months to finish the actual sword in this year march and...

with Shiny blue Gem...

Aug 27, 2013

MadokaXMarisa & Mitsuyuki と Megumi (Penang trip specials)

Mitsuyuki: Time to share some new friends that we met recently in papa's trip to penang right Onee-san?
Madoka: yup! and Let's get it on!!

Madoka: right up is me and here is Marisa the 1st meet on the

Aug 26, 2013

VIvidWhite (Project EXS)

Hikari: Project EXS which papa have been making like custom suit Retro Striker , now yet another custom suit which is coming to it's complete "Vividwhite"... 

as posted in our page is what u will see below... ^^

DIY neemo Base Stand

Hikari: As mention in our page will be reviewing something so let's get down to "What's this?"

Jul 28, 2013

MaとMi @ KTM

Yo! it's me Madoka and Mistsuyuki desu...
Ma-chan: few days back we had lots of fun @ KTM shoot and our 1st proper sister shoot as well right Mi nee-chan?
Mi-chan: Yup we had soo much fun and let's have the 1st photo right up with Madoka Onee-sama's shoot...
Me looking at the bright sun...

Jul 19, 2013


Yoho! Mitsuyuki desu! and lets Zoom back again to Gardens by the Bay within my solo shoots and this time round i met a new friend right below...

and with a very nice toning hair her name is Miyuki nee-san!
*which she has the same front name as Mi*

Mitsuyuki's solo @ Gardens By The Bay

Hi, i'm Mitsuyuki here! for today onwards papa said i should do my own solo intro... *yanderes* XD
so in this post is my first time being in Gardens by the Bay as my sister Madoka nee-san been telling me how fun was it over there so glad that papa finally took me there with some of his friends... >< and from below guess what am i touching?^~^v

Jul 2, 2013

YukataとSakura review

It's back again the reviews this time on YukataとSakura nendos with Ma-chan on with the show...

Jun 19, 2013

C2AGE(KL) Day1-2

C2AGE also known as Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition which happens from 8-9 June 2013 a 2 days event held in HELP College of Arts and Technology(KL),  so let's get down to the event right below.

Jun 15, 2013

Mitsuyuki と Saber in Commonwealth

Yet another memorable places intro by slmka in commonwealth of the few En-blocks that are about to be demolish @ the end of this year and with Saber walking through the En-blocks for some memorable moment right below...

Jun 13, 2013

Mitsuyuki solo (KL specials)

Well right before few days of departing for KL as Mitsuyuki's 1st overseas trip it's time to roll back to a present opening time!! XD

*Opens up the present*

Mitsuyuki: ><

Jun 3, 2013

Mitsuyuki(Lilia) 1 year Anniversary Specials

After Ma-chans 1 year anni now comes Mitsuyuki's turn as she was adopted back in 2012 as well from a kind comrade slmkaupon adopting her it was my first experiences of seeing um... well... awesome and a little intro before she was renamed her origin name was Lilia a 50cm BJD from Azone Lilia black ravenII series and she's about to share what she have been up to for just in 1 year...

May 22, 2013

Mitsuyuki's seaside story

Jumping into a good weather on sunday afternoons to try some Seaside shoots for the first time with Mitsuyuki just below... 

May 1, 2013

Mitsuyuki's nature walk

Rolling back to to a year while Ma-chan gets to play around in the local Botanic Garden and now her papa took her(Mitsuyuki) for a walk in the garden right below...

Apr 23, 2013

Mirai + Sonico Nendo review

Nendo Reviews is also back again this time round with Mirai & Sonico Nendos... ok so Ma-chan i'll hand the reviews over to you...
Ma-chan: OK!

Apr 22, 2013

MadokaXKuroyukihime Double Shoots3

Alright it's been awhile... ehem.. well from the series of MadokaXMia double shoot comes the 3rd as to make things come true for a certain comrades pureneemo mmm.. "school outfit" sounds familiar... right Ma-chan?
Ma-chan: yup and everything starts right below...

coming in to hort park with a sunny afternoons and... 

Apr 10, 2013

Project Pic - Mascot Hikari

Well it's a long long project since started digital design in 2002 and when hits into 2007 after seeing some animes like "Sola" which encourages myself to pick up digital art and now am still learning as like pic below... -_-||..  ^^v
Hikari mascot project is now completed! >< b 

Mar 19, 2013

Madoka's 1 year Anniversary Specials

As i nearly forget Madoka-chan as known to some called her Ma-chan... has her day of being a 1 Year Anniversary *Claps!* well um... she's the 1st Azone pueneemo that i eyed on back in 2012 on her release was yet a lucky one which my thought was -not able to get her- but never the less... 
well here's a flash back...

Mar 3, 2013

Madoka Solo @ Art Museum

As mention in the last post why did Madoka is the last to come in the picture and here's the answer...

Feb 26, 2013

Manga Fest @ Arts Museum(Doll Meetups2)

Continuing off from Manga Fest + River Angbao comes in another meetups for 2nd day of the event @ Art Museum and first off
YO! from this sexy! 

wOrkTAKU mass cleaning2

It's back again with yet another mass cleaning for the Chinese New Year few weeks back... this time round some quick shoots after process of clean, cleans & cleaning just below... 

Manga Fest + River Angbao (Doll Meetups)

Was a really great time in both Manga Fest(Kinokuniya) & River Angbao so let's just get down to the places...

Feb 21, 2013

Madoka's Solo @ Batam trip

Well Madoka-chan was excited when she heard that to follow me in my family batam trip And... in this trip while carrying her was not a problem thanks to KATA... XP 
anyways let's see what we have here...  

So we have Madoka-chan pops out for a fresh air while on the ship departing from Habourfront Cruise Center... 

Feb 19, 2013

~Baka Being Thrown~

Another new teaser post and might be erm... ehem... thus there were no injury or damage as well as the Dollfie's during this shoot so Do NOT try this at home...

Feb 9, 2013

Filpping to New

Am trying some new stuffs as this is only a teaser post it might be abit erm... or um... thus there were no injury or damage as well as the Pureneemo & Obtisu during this shoot so Do NOT try this at home...

Well as Lunar New Year approaching spring cleaning and off cause changing the old to new is what each do every year so let's see what Madoka-chan is doing to help me on changing my old printer... and Ouch!!!... 
*Something comes flying which smacks on the face and bangs on the floor*

Mitsuyuki solo "Red Princess"

Firstly wishing everyone here a...

Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Alright rolling back to the time where Mitsuyuki and some friends goes into the River Hong Bao Festive and here they goes

Jan 26, 2013

Mitsuyuki's Solo 2013 "The White Raven"

A sudden idea of making Lilia black raven II(Mitsuyuki) to "The White Raven" and well you'll know once u see it below plus her solo shoot as well...

White Raven Completed and ready to roll out...

Jan 13, 2013

Old Queenstown Cinema meetups

The memoriable old cinema shoot just below and for more historic on
"Old Cinema[Saber Alter V2]by the local Photographer Slmka.
So before we head down to the stage some memorable photo's of the building...

Shoots from the front of the cinema... 

Jan 2, 2013

Seasons Greetings 2013

As on the track 2013 moving into the 1st day...
Firstly once again...


and these two girls are getting ready to greet everyone as well..

(Mitsuyuki Version)

(Madoka Version)

Lastly Have a Prosperity and Smooth Year ahead!