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Dec 24, 2012

One LION with a Nyaa-do Review

A special X'mas review with a Lion with a Nyaa-do is about to start let's see whats up with Madoka-chan!

Madoka: Yoho! everyone and firstly Merry Christmas!

Madoka: so today we have a Lion with a Nyaa-do joining in with us and let's see who they really are!...

Madoka: on the left we have Saber Lion! while on the right Nyaruko both are nendo's as well..

Madoka: and Box Opening Time!

*While madoka opens the Saber Lion box*
Madoka: eh?... it' empty?...

*A lion roars hungrily from the back*
Madoka: Oops...
Producer: What happen?! where's the lion?... 

*a lion suddenly appears*
Madoka & Producer: EH!!!

*and here she is Saber lion looks real hungry*
Saber Lion: ROAR!!!!!!!
Madoka: Eeeee!!!
*Producer runs quickly to the kitchen and grab something for the hungry lion*

*Producer fouds a Fat Meat for the lion*
Producer: Madoka-chan use this!

Madoka: Eh?... oo... ok....
*grabs and...*

Saber lion: *smells the meat and looking tempted*
Madoka: Here very delicious Fat Meat! >< 

Saber lion: *Snatches* nom nom nom...
*When the producer calls in the zoo keeper*
Saber lion: *Runs!* 

*Madoka & producer gives a sign out but the studio is still in danger*
Madoka: Next up we have...
*Suddenly a sentence*
(I'm the chaos that always crawls up, to you with a smile, Nyarlathotep!)

*And it's... ><*

Madoka: ^^||| um..... could u come down we have a show to run... 

*Finally manage to get her down*
Madoka: alright so introduce yourself and who are u?... ^^

Nyaruko: Allow me introduce myself. 
I am Nyarlathotep.
i'm the crawling chaos!
and... my darling Mashiro...
*the mic suddenly plug off by someone...*

Madoka: let's go over with the parts they have...

Madoka: on my left Nyruko nendo parts comes with
- 2 face plates (One Lovely and a Angry look )
-3 Hair extension (Normal, Love shape & Shock shape)
-1 Crawl bar
  -1 Shanta-kun
-3 different hand parts & 1 bend leg

Now for Saber lion nendo
- 2 face plates (One Crying and a Boring look )
  -1 Fat Meat
-2 different hand parts, 1 hand fist & 2 bend legs

Madoka: okie we have come to the end of the show...

Madoka & Nyruko: bye by.....
*while they were abotu to say goodbye*
Saber lion: ROAR!!

*Saber lion makes a come back and jumps on nyaruko with a hungry stomach again*
Saber lion: Roar!!!
Nyaruko: Eh!....

*both Nyaruko...*

*and madoka was shocked!*

*then Nyaruko takes out her crawl bar*
Nyaruko: *Uses Uchuu CQC!*
Saber lion: *Hits by the crawl bar* NYAA! 

*while Nyaruko lectures Saber lion*

Madoka: *pets saber lion's head*
Madoka, Nyaruko & Saber lion: EH??????!!!!

Madoka: Everyone 1,2...
Madoka, Nyaruko & Saber lion: Bye Bye!

the review ends here and there will be a photo session post for these two nendo and...

Oh who's this?... Mmmm... will be also reviewing soon...
Cya in the next post!

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