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Dec 30, 2012

Lilia/Mitsuyuki's Fashion Album 2012

Writing this last post for 2012 before 1/1/2013 and 1st everyone an early greetings 
HAPPY NEW YEAR! towards 2013!
Well off for some Fashion that i made for Lilia/Mitsuyuki's this year n am still a noob in sewing which also started this year as well so let's get down to the show...
1st of rolling back to her stock clothes which is origin of Black Raven II outfit. 

Next is a prototype Vocaloid Lilia dazzling under the light and only hat, shirt was a handmade. 

TZW logo hair tie was handmade as well... 

but then decided to add-on some ears n tails for another Nyaa-ness. XD

This one is her Formal Causal clothes with hat and a outer clothe as well...

never the less it's a one piece clothing.

a hair pin was made to match her yukata but didnt make it in time...

Next comes the 4 IN 1 design top sleeve shirt which made for her causal outing as well.

Well as AFA12 on coming in last November me decided to go on a crazy idea of making this...  

and ya this... the AFA12 prototype outfit... 

In EOY she turns into a maid serving @ Cafe Meidou-San 

and it was a bit hard to think of the conversion from yukata to a kimono maid outfit as well.

 the "The Everlasting Guilty Crown" Album Inori Outfit was made for the X'mas...

Last bt not least here a the few photo's of her new black causal 2012.

(Photo's are taken in outdoor n indoor by LX5 & 1oooD)

TZW 2012 Message:
This year 2012 was yet awesomely good or worse that all have happened and let's make it a push and walk with blesses for MORE good awesomeness next year 2013!

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