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Dec 16, 2012

EOY (Cosplayers & Itashas)

Was in this Awesome EOY event at Marina Barrage this post mainly covers some Cosplayers and Itashas as well right below...

staring off 1st cosplayer with Vita from Nanoha A's/Strikers!

next up is a vocaloid(if i'm right but forget the name... )

and... Two bears fighting?... XD

while at it Rikka is in for her whacky moves...

and turning back one of the bears evolves to... um.. run?.. 

while running caught some cuties on the way...

Character from Magi...

Pandora Hearts!

Silica looking good!

and never forget One Piece stars!

Let's... We GO!

BRS male version

meet the "Char" family...

someone to remember from Final Fantasy XIII..

head right back to stage a Neko mimi meido is about to perform her song...

U-turning to the Itasha side we have Shakugan no Shana on a KIA Cerato..

Ita-motorcycles of the Racing Queen Miku!

next up Macross frontier...

and how about some High School Of The Dead?

and rewinding back to K-ON!

and off cause Mirai Itasha is one the move!

Not the last yet next up will be EOY (Cafe Meido -San) see ya in the next post!... ^~^V

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