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Nov 9, 2012


Sudden ideas is making... well some may seen this outfit already and yes it's RED y? 
cause it's one of my crazy ideas... Again! XP

And... here's the combine photo's of the "RED" outfit design...

nothing less the logo and the mascot is also been designed in a way... well u know... XD

Zooming in....

these are only test piece at 1st... as the final pieces are already ready to roll...

Lastly um.. well whats up to Lilia she's laughing... not good...
*Oh god please be something good no "blade" comes...* XP

Alright so once again see ya ALL @ AFA12 just tomorrow and... OMG have to prepare...XP
so if any folks wana see other dollfies/obitsu as well then it's a pleasure for you to DO visit us @ A27 booth and details are on my front page of Kazuki's blog or cilck here-> Fujiwara Yukino... ^~^V
Oh and btw if think that u will be a bit lossy because it's too awesome, 
please DO refer to these mappy's below...

(Above maps are kindly provided by AFA12.)

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