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Nov 27, 2012

Kato Marika Nendo Review

Have u ever seen the awesome action pack of  モーレツ宇宙海賊(パイレーツ)(Moretsu Pirates) known as Bodacious Space Pirates before?(if not faster go watch! Info is HERE...XP) well if u do here are some review photo's and introduction by Madoka-chan!

Right Here!

Madoka: Yoho! Madoka here from the TZW studio will be introducing u... 

Madoka: ...the awesome action pack Moretsu Pirates!

Madoka: and... 0.0 eh?...
BOOOOM *and a nendo box touch down to the studio*
Madoka: EHHHHHH!!!*and opens the box*

Madoka: 0.0~ *finds something nice*

*and wears it...*
Madoka: and well here's Kato Marika from the Moretsu Pirates! which just touch down in our studio...
Marika: *finds her hat around the studio* 

Marika: AH!... u thief return my HAT!
Madoka: Oops...

Madoka: Teehee... XP
Marika: >< *makes a angry face*

*after all the mess it comes to normal*
Madoka: now Marika-chan please introduce yourself! ^^
Marika: Off cause! its' a pleasure to meet u all... i'm Kato Marika and i am also Captain of Bentenmaru as well... ^^

*after introduction proceding to parts...*
Madoka: Alright here are Marika nendo parts which came along with in the following
-1 Big Pirate Hat
-6 diffferent hand parts (1 with a weapon) & 1 bend leg
- 2 Capes (and one looks really cool)
- 3 Sword piece
- Last but not least 1 Hair piece, 2 Extra Face Expressions 
& off cause the Nendo itself (which u saw just now)...

Madoka: and shifting to the next potion Photo taking!

Madoka: she maybe looking good but papa is having a little hard time to snap her photo because of the lighting as well as Marika herself is partly covered by Black color...

Madoka: Marika is Welcoming u to Bentenmaru! 

Madoka: LOOKS COOL! ><

Madoka: and off cause looks cool in her weapons so that she can do her pirate job with style... 

Madoka: Alright we have come to the last min of the show...

*Back to studio*
Madoka & Marika: Thank you for watching this show and is sponsored by...*Bows to all*
ME: eh??? 0.0 *Wonders who are the sponsors?*

Madoka & Marika: BYE BYE!!!

To Be Continue...
ME: Eh???... EH!!! Madoka-chan when did i say Continue?...
Madoka: Teehee...
(Above Photo's are taken in Changi Ariport & Home set up and hope you enjoy!...)

See ya in the Next post... 

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