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Nov 20, 2012

AFA day2 - Making the LAST of the BEST!

As last day of AFA12 kicks in and Yukino's booth gets more attractive to Making the LAST of the BEST so me less taking and let's get down to it...

ME: Mitsuyuki can you take over papa's post?...
Mitsuyuki: OK!... ^^

Yoroshiko everyone i'm Mitsuyuki and also Madoka's big sister... 
will now take over this post hehe...XP

1st off in the morning Yukino nee-san with her Doll News Channel infront of SAO booth!... ^^


papa has been following yu-chann and her papa for some broadcast since morning... then... 

Some interviews in Yukino nee-sans booth by HBO way the go!... ^^

HBO interviews Yu... no Yukino nee-san interviews... 
no wait just who is interviewing who? eh?... XP

Saber nee-sans says hi with their pretty cheerful faces.. ^^

my little sister madoka is looking good in her custom retro suit... ^^

Oh and she's ready to take flight!

all the Saber's nee-sans on the left... wow... 

all other nee-sans gathered as well on the right... ><

Papa is taking photo's from High! 

oh and never forget all the nee-sans and me in the middle! and...

suddenly a LIVE size saber nee-san... ><

with all the saber nee-sans as well....

While i was at the booth papa went for some cosplay shoots like this one of his favorite Binbougami! XP 

and also some model kits as well as like this Akiba Robo...

IS! (Want my papa to make one for me... ><)

this is also his favorites Space Battleship Yamato! 

and it's Cosmo Fleet... 

and papa was off on a mission with Asuna nee-san and her papa as well to find the remaining SAO/ALO cosplayers and... 
 cute Silica found!><

this cosplay is from monster hunter... eh?

Lisbeth, Asuna and Kirito found!

Kirito 2nd version found!

Asuna ALO version found!

eh... Eu Found?!...

Alright papa off for lunchy and he is MEAN didn't take me there... ><

After lunch Cute Asuna Found... ^^

Kirito in ALO Found!...

Klein Found!

Akihiko and Kirito Found!

and eh.. EHEHEH!!!

and oh looks like my sister has touch down on Dannychoo's booth already! 

she's protecting the two nee-sans with her... XP 

Mmm.. looking good... ^^

my little sister will be resting here abit...

and will be taking her flight again...

papa is off for some cosplay shoots again 

one of papa's favorite singer Mizuki Nana! 

Back to base...

i was told that Yukino nee-san gets big and gorgeous just in one night!... 

and with the help of...><


time to sing the last song... ^~^V

These two nee-sans are... well...

Oh look who's this... Hello!... 

alright my papa's back now me go to rest... XP
ME: alright good job Mitsuyuki! ^^ 

so then now firstly this is an totally AWESOME booth and 
off cause never the less it's a MUST to say...

Special thanks & Credits to:

- All Folks that help out in Yukino's booth(It's awesomely great! to work with u guys!)
-ALL the Daughter's that been displayed on the booth as well... ^^

and 2 MORE that everyone must NOT forget..

Awesomely BIG Thanks to:

Alvin & Yu-chann

for ALL their hardwork and efforts that putted on Fujiwara Yukino To Tomotachi Booth that also never to be image by anyone which turns out to be BIG and AWESOME,
lastly they deserve a big clap!... XD

Alright now for the last few photo's before my Human batteries ran out...
here are my Loots Away!... XD 


Last photo's is the Real Loots... XD
Once again Thanks to everyone on 
Fujiwara Yukino To Tomotachi Booth
(Madoka: but this post is still NOT the last one... Teehee... XP)

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