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Oct 29, 2012

Halloween Meetups

It's been long... XP to post again and with the upcoming AFA12 will appears around in few weeks time, while preparing for the "Final"(which "Something" will be shown in AFA12 only @ A27..) me decided to take Madoka and off cause her Sister Lilia(and will be changing her name soon...) to yet another meetup at Fort Caning Park just ∇

1st off with some beauties to greet you and ...

um... well... look we can talk right?... ^^|||

Lilia having fun with Sakuya

Oh and look who's this?...

it's a ZOMBIE? XD
As always when ever there is a outing these girls tend to... u know... XD

Cross pendent from lilia's never been open this since i got her...

Lilia use Nature Attack!

Saber's looking good...

a group shoot of all the folks who attended...

and here comes the White/Black Witches! 

Lilia runs around again...

One more cheese from Saber...

Trio sisters found!

*making her papa runs around...*

Saber are u waiting for someone? ^^

after the shoots at Fort Canning Park time for dins Nyaa!
*One about to hunt madoka the other about to have her dins*



alright lastly is um... Gangnam style?... XD
Anyways to the folks it was a great time to join in for this 
Halloween Meetup AWESOME!!
Special Thanks to Iwa Hoshi for organizing such event and hope to see ya all again in AFA12! ^~^V

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