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Sep 24, 2012

MiuXSakura previews

Well something just drop on my tables as usual n just take them all out as usual! XD
Alright below we have Nendo Miu and Sakura in Gardens by the Bay to make your day!

1st goes with a bang from Sakura! 
With her companion 

From Long long ago there are...  alright that would be long... XD

Time for BATTLE mode! 
End of sakura now off with.....
She's looking good...
while at it Snow Miku pops out with a shocking Hi... (Which belongs to leon...)
what a Shocky!
on top of that miu invites u to walk around with her...
also miu wants to share her favorite T's..
and now... What the?!...
ME: um... Miu u know what u r holding don't u?
MIU: Teehehehe.. XD
while she's at it...
and zooms!!!
there it goes... =_=|||
and someone is watching as well... XD
 While Miku acts as if nothing happens...
as the chase getting HOT.. Sakura caught Miu just in time...
SAKURA: RRRAWGH!!*Knocks Miu's head for stealing her sword*
the scolding goes on...
MIU: 0.0 *feels sorry for this...*
Alright thanks for... eh.. still more to go below?..
Alright these pesky wants to eat as well...
Both girls like a queen walking through our food...
Miu found something nice...
both comes to eat it... 
ME: no.. no... not the chicken!!! 0.0!
MIU: hehe!
she whack my foods and drinks as well... T-T
Well end of the preview hope u are like this song title "Make My Day!"
so see ya in the next post!

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