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Sep 24, 2012

Madoka's 3rd Solo @ Gardens by the Bay

Was yet another clear day to make some previews on two latest nendo which will make a post soon  as well as a meet up for Moon Fest... but 1st let's see what this little one is up to... ^^

Reaching at one section of gardens by the bay...
Madoka starts to jump up and down which made her papa jump up and down as well... XD

Finally madoka makes a sit down...
and then... Voorrrrrm...
she tries to look outside curiously... ^^
whats curious to her is this chopper which doing it's round about for F1 air shooting...
alright it's done for the day!
and well btw madoka-chan won't be doing anymore solo shoots for the time being as she will be doing "something" for "something" as well... ^~^V

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