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Sep 27, 2012

Sunsets with...

Was a good day to take some sunsets near the harbor where it feels nice and warming but there are "two" that follows me to have more fun than warm just below... 

Sep 24, 2012

Moon Fest Meetup

After a long journey towards the Garden by the Bay Madoka has been summoned by... XP
ok well last Saturday was yet awesome shoots from nendo to as well as a meet up at moon fest in Clarke Quay just below...

MiuXSakura previews

Well something just drop on my tables as usual n just take them all out as usual! XD
Alright below we have Nendo Miu and Sakura in Gardens by the Bay to make your day!

Madoka's 3rd Solo @ Gardens by the Bay

Was yet another clear day to make some previews on two latest nendo which will make a post soon  as well as a meet up for Moon Fest... but 1st let's see what this little one is up to... ^^

Sep 2, 2012

Tony Luka

Tony Luka which was arrived last week and have not been able to make her review due to Lack of Transportation... XP 
and well she's about to start the show...