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Jul 16, 2012

Lilia と Saber +

Went to this beautiful event last saturday called the Singapore Garden Festival held in Suntec and yes it is decided to take Lilia along this time round... ^^

ME: Lilia get to change and we are going somewhere
Lilia: ??? -_-zzz *sleepy lilia looks his Odo-san*
ME: don't sleep anymore we are gonna be late for breakfast... and your sister is ready before you...
Lilia: Nyaa~ *Suddenly zooms very fast like a ninja*

Lilia: I'm ready... ^~^
ME: what the...=_= *where i haven't prepare yet*
Lilia: Odo-san i'll get in to my Space Shuttle 1st see you!
ME: =_=... Alright see... u...
*after preparation done it's time to head out*

TZW001: This is TZW001 to HQ we have landed safety at our destination Over and Out!
HQ: We have received your confirmation Over n Out!
Well the picture above is Lilia's Space Shuttle that allows her to travel around anytime... ^^ 

After some Top-ups to our stomachs time to go for fire range!  

The Exit of the Garden Festival and don't be mistaken we are not going the wrong way...

Cause we are finding some place to hide so that we can prepare to snip from there...

Saber Alter as loke's daughter and Lilia as mine are in Preparation and ready to go...

Outside the entrance where we have to wait awhile for the doors to open... 

Saber gets to say HI with her gorgeous Kimono... 

Another saber seems to say HI too... XD

Glad to have Alisa zx 1st daughter joined us in the fun!

Lilia starts to play with some flowers...

Saber just got her new house somewhere in the festival so she decided to stay in for a while...

Alisa joins in too
Alisa: BOO!

Saber wants something? 

Saber is just so Gorgeous! ^^

Lilia is still playing around... 

Alisa takes a rest for awhile...

Saber continues to run about the place...

Lilia starts to walk about...


Alisa Looking around the surroundings...

Patch of friendship between Saber n Lilia as a Friendship Day... XD

up next Lilia runs to the other level wow what a brightness!...

Time for some spot lights!

What do you think of Lilia's new round hair pin? XD

Saber Hugging Alisa ><

Cutie and Gorgerous! XD

Melissa which tries her best to join us with her daughter as well...

oh my what is my Lilia doing? XD

Lilia: hehe...
Saber: >< *her face keeps red from morning*
Alisa: -_-Zzz *Seems to be asleep since saber is very comfy...*

Lilia: BOO!*makes a cute scary pose*


there were so many people on the upper floor so they decided to take out all kinds of cams flashing around and Lilia have to stay to say HI to everyone... XD

^~^ b

Lilia tries the same as saber by hugging Alisa... XD

~Saber in wonderland~


-Lilia in wonderland-

Alright that's all folks n hope to see you on the next posts again! XD

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