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Jul 16, 2012

Project Katana

Finally this is one of the projects and the project katana as known as Danny choo's designed Millennium Blade has been completed and went for it's 1st test too and here are some test results...

Testing on Standby mode...

Lilia と Saber +

Went to this beautiful event last saturday called the Singapore Garden Festival held in Suntec and yes it is decided to take Lilia along this time round... ^^

ME: Lilia get to change and we are going somewhere
Lilia: ??? -_-zzz *sleepy lilia looks his Odo-san*
ME: don't sleep anymore we are gonna be late for breakfast... and your sister is ready before you...
Lilia: Nyaa~ *Suddenly zooms very fast like a ninja*

Jul 8, 2012


This would be the last post photo's from Tanjong Pagar Railway, so while resting madoka decided to do some poses with my friends zx scaled figure Kamineko!

Kamineko dazzling in the station...

Jul 5, 2012

Madoka's 2nd Solo Shoot

Zooming back to the same place @ the Railway Station with one OVERKILL and one backup battery  it's time for yet another to do a 2nd solo shoot for my daughter... 
First of with some playful hiding... 

Railway stories

The Old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station which was close down 1 year ago and after 1 year it finally re-open as for it's 1st anniversary *same as Mia's Birthday* and my madoka was so excited as it's her 1st time seeing a railway which makes me OVERKILL one battery and OVER took about 600+ photo's... XD

alright i'll let the photo's do the talking... ^^

Jul 3, 2012


Decided to let loose Kyuubei a bit since he was lock away for long and he's ready for some contracts below...

MiaXMadoka 3 (Mia's Birthday specials)

Well Continuing from what happens from "New Camera for Madoka" comes yet again  MiaXMadoka 3 this time is someone's Birthday Party just kicking in below! 

New Camera for madoka

Recently just got a new Pentax cam for my madoka and she's really enjoying it just below ...