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Jun 16, 2012

Popular Popura!!

Popular Popura which was collected few days ago and now having a outdoor shoot so it's 
Time for Working!! (Enjoy~ XD)

Product Inspection!! XD

lovely parts she has for her daily Working!! ^^

ME: Popura-chan get these two glasses of plain water to the customer
Popura: OK!

Popura: Ms Customer here's your two glasses of plain water
Customer(Miku): eh???

Customer(Miku): Um... i didn't order these water and i only order set 1...=_= 
Popura: eh? 0.0
Popura: EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME: Haha i fooled u hehe XP
Popura: EH! Y U!

Customer(Miku): eh?...

Popura: >(then customers came...)
ME: alright don't laze around attend the customers... XD
Popura: =_=||

Popura: Welcome to Wagnaria!


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