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Jun 5, 2012

Here's the 2nd Pt.2 (Lilia Awakens..)

Yes this time Lilia awakens as mention in the last of Pt.1 
Pt.2 Starts

Lilia: *Suddenly woke up and yawns~*

ME & Madoka: Eh?...

Lilia: ***~~~ *looks around*

ME & Madoka: EH!!!!!...
*Me grabs cloth and put on her n madoka uses her strength to put her somewhere safe*

ME: Madoka-chan get her clothes on i'll will be out for a moment...
Madoka: Okie Odou-san leave it to me~^~^

Madoka: Onee-sama!~ ^^
Lilia: ?? *thinks and thinks* oh! madoka-chan... ^^

ME: *came back from somewhere*
Madoka: Oh no!~ *forgets to do something*...

ME: *coming to my room and...* AH!
Lilia:*Points out a sword in a flash of a combat mode with a blush face* W...WH..WHO. are.. you?!

Madoka: Onee-sama put down your sword now he's our Odou-sama... >_<
Lilia: ?... eh..?

ME: Madoka-chan~ *With a sign face* what did i told u to do? ^^
Madoka: Tee Hee... um... i forget...~ *then acts cute*

(madoka then gets Lilia onee-sama to put on her clothes)

(While changing Lilia tries lying on my bed...)

Lilia:*feels herself comfy on the bed*
Madoka: Onee-sama! please don't go to sleep u haven't chamge finish yet!

(after change)
Lilia: Nice to meet u Odou-sama i'm Lilia...^^
ME: ^~^ v

ME: Alright time to say goodbye to eveyone...
Madoka: okie goodbye everyone! ^~^

Lilia: Sayonara Minna-san!
n will be taking lilia for a outing shoot soon so see ya in the next post! XD
By: T.Z.W

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