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May 19, 2012

SHN-Hatsune Miku

Sharing my recent loots "Shukan Hajimete No Hatsune Miku" Nendoroid making short "SHN-Hatsune Miku" so do enjoy the photo's just below...

Miku: HAHA The World Is Mine!

Miku asks you to hold her groceries while she biting some ice-creams... 

Guess what song she is about to sing? 

a 'Laugh-ly' face that i liked... XD

This box is real cardboard so if you want to keep it safe suggestion 
is to go through a photocopy machine.

my favorite face expression on this version of nendo miku.

Suddenly miku was shocked catching an on-coming baseball. XD

This is...

and she's about to roll another song with a happy expression.

SHN-Hatsune Miku angry face expression use on kyubei.

Kyubei: What are you looking at! arrgh!!

Last photo is a new life and 
it may look gross but this dragonfly here is a new born baby right from it's lava 
 + ready to launch at any moment... ^~^ v

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