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Apr 26, 2012

Yune's Outing with... You Guess!

Once more a beautiful day for Yune to go out and play with... this time you guess just right below! XD
Qn 1: First off we have ____ Wedding Version. You Guess!

Ans: 'Konata'-chan looks pretty gorgeous on white wedding dress.

Qn 2: Appeared in previous post she's ____. You Guess!

Ans: 'Cheerful Miku' makes a really nice blending with green... XP

Alright continuing with Yune nendo... Oh my what's wrong Yune-chan?
Yune: Sob~ it's gonna rain... 

Me: No worries i've bring your umbrella! ^^ v the meantime enjoy the photo's... ^^


Oh my... is my camera having problem? or my eyes have dirt?.. think i saw something white let's zoom in and take a good look... ^^

 After zooming in... um... oh... ok... =_=|
(after 2 mins...) 

Glad that Yune didn't make contract with Kyubei... 
well here are some night shots of Yune-chan...

Well it's time for Yune to go after a beautiful back lighting and photo's are... wait...

Um... My daughter wants a encore... so i snap a few... XD

 Me: Alright it's time to go home and rest.
Madoka-chan: O _ O... can have more photo shoots?

Me: yeah we can save it for next time, oh and we have to let our friends know where this photo's are taken from can you tell them madoka-chan?^^
Madoka-chan: OKIE! Photo's are taken in Raffles Place and Esplanade (Singapore).^~^ v