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Apr 5, 2012

wOrkTAKU mass cleaning

Recently my wOrkTAKU space has been invaded by some annoying alien pests (red ants) and to prevent it from escalate to even worse situation that will bring harm to my hardware's & figures too here are some after cleaning process below...
the figure display self looks cleaner and whiter then before while image is was invaded by alien pests from some ABC planet... XD

Rearranging in process...

Nymph is as =_= as ever. XD

My daughter is cheering me while cleaning 

another external self been set up quite some time...

Alicia-chan is hopping around the display self...

One of my projects it's called the Sky Banner and one reason i took it down because the alien pests tends to play hide and seek by climbing through their walk ways so it'll be a bit annoying or i believe you're get annoyed if this happens...=_=

It's about time i change those Wreck rings to these ring clips which 
they can be found in your local Daiso too...

compared of the hand crafted ring and the factory made rings...

Putting all up n go... oh btw thats the walk way in the middle of the banner as mention earlier thankfully those pesky aliens are all eliminated after the cleaning... d ^0^ b

handmade shinkyoku soukai polyphonica crest cover for my SD/Pro-stick reader device btw anyone the fan of this anime? ^^ 

my voicaloid squad. XD 

Re-arranging figures back in place...

and off cause One Piece books and some novels back in place that will never forget... XD

My gundam is has it's usual place but with Horizon-chan! ^^

...Arranging IN process...

As it is my daughter keeps cheering and hopping around here and there... XD 

Madoka:Keep up the good work!!
Me: ^~^ v

So thats all and leaving all
 with my wOrTAKU space... and Zzz~
Photo's are taken peacefully by Lumix LX5 Zzz~ XD     


  1. She should be help you to clean

    your room sure is 2000% neater than mine (my status almost could upgrade to bedroom + storeroom...orz)

  2. Haha Thanks and maintaining my room is getting a bit hard cause things are keep coming in epecially for projects and new figures...=_= and well for my daughter it's her 1st time so it's okie just let her laze around but for my next round of weekly cleaning i will need her help... XD