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Apr 17, 2012

POP Sanji Sail again ver.

This lovely gentleman Sanji from One Piece which is one hell of a leg kicker was collected last week and here are some photo's to share with all just right below...

Freshly taken in outdoors and gorgeous figure.

and his costume which looks alike to the real... ^^ 

Taking some smoke outside...

Sanji: Oh!... this is... 

Sanji: isn't this Nami?!...(which was feature in the last post..)

Sanji: NA~ MI~ SWAN!~~~
Nami: ...(act as didn't see him coming...)

Sanji: NAMI~SWAN!!! my lovely lady!
Nami: ...=_=|

not bad with a cigarette on it's love face.. XD

Sanji: My lovely lady~~~!!!
Nami: Omg!..

Sanji: This is my ALL blue!!!

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