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Apr 9, 2012

Nendo Party!!~

Previously on Nendo Party!~ Kudo-chan was tamed by Kyubei so will she accept the contract?... let's take a look... XD

Off cause Kudo-chan doesn't want to be having a contract with that dangerous creature and because of this kudo-chan was scared and ran all the way from Vivocity to Sentosa(Singapore)! XD 

btw this post are mainly focus on night shots...

OMG! kyubei caught up on her with jyubee which she is controlled by kyubei on her head in berserk mode!
Kudo-chan: !!!EHHHH!!! 

Kudo-chan: アハハハ!!!!~~~ >0<
Jyubee-chan: ほら!!

Kudo-chan seems running like hell being chased by jyubee... or kyubei...? XD

Then suddenly...

Miku comes along to cheer them up!... huh..? XD

In the end it's a endless chase and plus 
a BIG Danboard came to join in the chasing fun all day...

ME: Um... guys it's time to go home... =_=
(NO one listens and the chase goes on and on...=_=|||) 

Photo's are taken in a ~endless chase~...

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