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Apr 7, 2012

Nendo Party!~

Yet in Vivocity which is one of the singapore's cruise ship docks located in harbourfront along with friends and some Petits + Nendo's out for a party just right below!

kick off in our lunch time with Petits solo party and here is Yui! from Angel beats wearing glasses?... in Pizza... hut?... on a plate?... XD

When yui is trying to get her feast and then... Kyubei appears right from her back...XD

Kyubei: Do u wana make contract with me?
Yui: Eh???... --after 3mins-- !!!Ehhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Yui: =_=||| OMG!(yui dare not turn her head...)

after lunch we went up for a little photo picnic and here is Yui again...

 with a guitar and ready to rock the whole place upside down!! 

Forget this character but only know she is from Touhou also joining the fun!

and be careful of her smile and especially the broom cause it may just send you flying... XD

Here's Shiina-chan the legendary toy doggy lover!

Btw she's wearing shinobu-chan's hat looks soo cute!^^ 

Jyubee-chan!!! she's soo cute oh my but sadly i didnt get her...=_=

the Nendo party starts here! with jyubee-chan and along with..... 

cutie Kudo-chan!!!

looking good in the photo...

she looking forward to have a party. ^^

Jyubee decided the party would start by lending kudo her samurai sword...

they were having much fun but...

never image that jyubee's samurai sword have side effects on kudo-chan OMG!
Kudo: What are you looking at huh?!

Kudo: Wana eat this?!
Me: =_=... (this sounds like i've hear it somewhere before...)

Kudo keeps the heat more up and then...

She actually make jyubee scared... =_=

Jyubee: T-T
Kudo: Raaaa!!!
(this have to wait for a few seconds for jyubee's other self to wear off... lol )

Continuing after kudo change back to her self where she in a epic face while jyubee was too scared till she wear some glasses... XD


Lastly before the party ends kyubei appears again in front of kudo...

Kyubei: Do u wana make contract with me?
Kudo: Eh...(while she is still in epic mode...)

Photo's are taken perfectly with Lumix LX5 ^~^ v 

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