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April 5, 2012

Mia X Madoka Double Shoots

Was yet a fun day @ Esplanade sky garden (Singapore) with Loke's  daughter Mia-chan and it's my daughter Madoka's 1st and most gorgeous group shoots which are just right below...
My daughter just woke up in the beautiful morning.... But then while i got a call from my friend....
then i hear a sound from my kitchen ... 
There is the culprit who makes the sound OMG! n my sweet melon which was left outside was nearly gone!
(Madoka with a epic looking... )
and never image she'll... XD
ME: Madoka let's get change we're going out.
Madoka: Eh?... going out?
ME: Quit the Eh... i said we are going out...
Madoka: YEAH!!!
After Meeting with loke which has same collection as me, i recommend him and his friends to this place the Esplanade sky garden (Singapore)... ^^v
And we started set ups our daughter's helping out too...

After some photography shoots i really get in love of this photo and is her 1st shot with Mia-chan too... ^~^v

Here she is the mature looking Mia-chan. ^^

She's one gorgeous looking daughter of loke... ^^  

And off cause same camera  which i have also featured in my post and this Classic camera was also recommend by loke too... ^^

Well from this photo on wards i'll let them do the talking so enjoy! ^^ v  

All thanks to GSC figma stand cause i cant image it can also hold up my 1/8 madoka... ^^

After got home my little cutie daughter looks very tired...^^
Well lastly Photo's are in M&M (do also visit loke's post too) doubly shoot by Lumix LX5. ^~^v

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