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Apr 17, 2012

Mia X Madoka Double Shoots 2

Teleporting back through time where i posted and happened with in Nendo Party!~ and Nendo Party!!~ comes again with Mia(Loke's daughter) and Madoka which was featured in last few posts Mia X Madoka Double Shoots making a group shoots 2 just below...

Zooming back to the same place @ Vivocity...

While waiting to meet Mia-chan my little daughter sits on 
a jacket (which belongs to my friend...) which makes it like a comfy sofa to her. ^^

then zooming to after few hours where we meet Loke's daughter Mia-chan... ^^

this time is shooting more Mia's photo which i failed to do so 
in the last Mia X Madoka Double Shoots post... =_=

her face is just way matured! ^^

Trying new stuffs using a Star Filter which is... :) 

suddenly Mia-chan is holding something on her hand OH MY GOSH!... XD

How does this Kyubei pop out from my box?!

Some more it... what the... kyubei shrunk?... XD  

well reason that kyubei ran out was... =_=
Madoka: Teehee~

Before it's time to go we make a last few group shoots so please do sit back and enjoy. ^~^ v

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