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Apr 26, 2012

Bright Lightning

Being delaying quite long enough to post this Scaled figure collected since in February this year (due to Figure Stand not included so me have to dig some Obitsu Stand from AmiAmi costs about 248 Yen) from Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning by Play arts Action figure 'Kai' and here are some outing shoots just below.
Miku comes out and says Hello...

she's gorgeous by just seeing it, well i'll let the photo's do the talking so enjoy. 

what makes it gorgeous for you and me to buy it is the face scrapping/coloring looks so real and has the mature feel once seen which just captures your heart. XD  

Suddenly an Alien Erio pops out from space an says Hi... XD

But then it's a goodbye where Erio-chan is ran off to play!

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