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Mar 30, 2012

Wonderful day

Well it's yet one wonderful day to take a deep breath for a outing and yes am bring my daughter out let's have a look at the good time photo's below ^^!

Well my daughter really knows how to chose where to do her hair 
when she hear i'm taking her out. XD

Waiting at living room preparing and waiting for her shuttle... so what do i mean by shuttle?...

This is what i meant and this is her shuttle for me to easily carry her around as she is a 1/8 obitsu  btw this box container was intro by one of the obitsu owner as my friend named loke and this box can also be found in Daiso if your locate country have this store then it's good for you!^^

Last destination in Vivocity mall (Singapore) with a dazzling lights in the night. 

 Time to let out her wings a bit.

 Found this awesome camera in some shopping mall and it looks cool. ^^

Specs are Rock n Roll with 15 mega pixel, twin cam of 50~300mm zoom, battery lasts forever, 3D shooting and tough body... XD

It seems she likes it very much and then...

She starts to shoot me instead...XD

Well thats all... Wait! look what i just found out when i reach home my daughter secretly brought a yogurt which is right side of this photo seems that... oh my! XD

Well thats all folks here is one of the behind the scenes photo...^^
photo's are nicely prepared and taken care by Lumix LX5 ^~^ b 

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