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Mar 12, 2012

Wishy Pushy

I have been collecting figure throughout when i started my collection quite a few years back but never to be image that i'll get a soft wishy pushy here is one cutie pushy that catches your eyes when you see her and she is Super Sonico from Nitro+... ~Kawaii~^^b. XD

Sonico pushy also comes with a removable jacket which you can try her jacket on your Dollfie or even Obitsu and with a nicely made earphones she had on her. . ^^

as mention her jacket can be remove and inner is her casual wear not a bad looking too! ^^

Now who says Pushy is just for you to hug and stays there? (for mine she keeps jumping around and even looking in GSC website too... lol XD)

Thats my new keyboard it's called the Microsoft Arc that sonico is using from the left side of this picture which i brought from our local IT Fair which ends last week to replace the old and bossy keyboard in my small workspace and it's awesome, small and easy carry around my house still getting a hang of using it oh an its recommended to comrades here which hates bossy keyboards. XD 

Last but not least yes again my gundam says hello to everyone and this time gundam helping me to build something dangerous will try to post that when it's done... XD btw please feel free to comment and photo's are as always taken comfy care by Lumix LX5. ^~^V

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