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Mar 5, 2012

Travelling2 with Claris

It's once again the 2nd edititon of Traveling this time with hotcakes claris. ^^

These photo's are taken from Vivocity, Singapore with a gorgeous night scenery enjoy the photo's below.

Was in this trip to johor, Malaysia last weekend and this shoot was taken in a tour bus.

Figma plastic bags as usual helps me a lots when travelling with figure. 

As tour guide sometimes be a bit bored and noisy me tends to listen songs btw can you guess this ending song from which anime? XD  

So wondering whats for lunch?

and this is the claris set meal. XD

Taken in some unknown places in johor.

Fuwa Fuwa Tea time!  

this marshy softy thingy with peanuts crash (Forget whats called...) is really delicious and tempting  worth to buy too! ^^b

Similar post to Travelling2 with Claris lasty photo's are taken with nicely care by Lumix LX5 ^~^V


  1. Good thing with Nendos they can go with food or almost anywhere and get clean up easily =)

    For carrying the nendos you can get some accessories bags or boxes from Diaso to help you out. For smaller accessories look for the sewing area, they have those compartment boxes for beads I use to hold nendo and Azone hands.

    1. Yupp glad that GSC came out with Nendos (Arigatou GSC!)XD

      Hmm okie thats a very good idea and i myself also been thinking of bags (which i'm using a Figma's plastic zip bag since i have many of them...)and boxes as well i really liked that idea and thanks for the advice too ^~^V