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Mar 20, 2012

It's a Cutie

Continuing for the last post It's the 1st  and this time It's a Cutie which photo's are taken with "Something" that i grab from so enjoy photo's below ↓ ^~^v

Like i mention in the last post of this lovely photo, so wondering whats the "Something" beside her?...

Yes off course it's clothes that one will never forget to buy for they're own daughters.

The Cutie shots starts from here XD

never image the clothes i chose is lovely when she wore it. ^^

This one is a mix with the stock skirt.

Madoka: Yo! Yo! Yo!

Also i've brought the Miko costume(Long skirt version) too cause it looks tempting too. ^^b
Oops! forget to remove away "Something" from the background... XP

without the skirt only plain and white kimono looks good too. 

and also i won't forget to buy the short skirt version and thanks to Loke which is also a Obitsu owner and a facebook friend of mine to be kind enough to sell me. ^~^v

A mixture of the Miko costume short + long version. ^~^ b

The last photo leaving you with my madoka hugging sonico and that is what she is been observing... XD
Madoka: Kawaii~! ^~^
Sonico: 'Slient' -_-|||(giving an epic face...)
Photo's are taken cute & pretty with Lumix LX5  v ^~^ v

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