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Feb 13, 2012

Standby Ready

Sharing something which released moons ago in 2004 魔法少女リリカルなのは known as Magcial Girl Lyrical Nanoha was the 1st tempting anime for me reason is simple just when i saw the red jewel hanging around nanoha's nack which named Raging heart says this STANDBY READY!... And this figma here is from Magcial Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers. :)

Figma which i just got recently and why get now is simple the first time before i went in this figurine collector stuff my 1st figma was Fate Testarossa in Strikers version and before i knew Nanoha was also out right before her soo too bad for me but just recent i found it lying in one store which my hand was automatically reach to that nanoha box and now she's in my collection which really cant' really go without the nanoha because my fate was lonely :)    

Another Nanoha but from 1st Movie version which brought it in last year's AFA11' anyone went there? feel free to comment maybe i saw, seen or even see you there XD

Nanoha(Adult) Meets the Nanoha(Child) :P

This is 1/8 Strikers Version by Movic was the VERY 1st collection flying way back in 2007
and me think of repainting her if possible :D 

One thing i liked about this version is the raging heart of the red jewel itself which makes the reason to buy it :D

Current nanoha character collection and wonder why soo small because my room still abit small to put more... T-T

Best Friends finally my fate has her mate XD

Photo's all taken by Lumix LX5.. 
Like it? Always welcome and Feel free to comment ^~^V

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