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Feb 24, 2012

Rose Mary

Like a Rose Mary which is like this Index here from the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index & Index II and sharing some photo shots of figma 117 below.

If anyone have pre-ordered this index they'll notice there is something special about this figma cause just to let you know there is a half of index's costume made from cloth so that it feels and looks fluffy even a touch too^^   

Time to pray but...

Looks like index has a overwhelming stomach so she treat this poor little birdy as her food.
Index: XP YUMMY!!
Birdy: -_-|||(Run instantly while chased by index XD)

So be leaving you with a tsunderu face of index which she is angry because her food just ran away and  be careful not to get near or else a big round of bite come to your hands! XD
Photo's taken from Lumix LX5 ^~^V 

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