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Feb 24, 2012

Rose Mary

Like a Rose Mary which is like this Index here from the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index & Index II and sharing some photo shots of figma 117 below.

Feb 23, 2012

Hotcakes Claris

Claris is a well known idols for singing fantastic songs for 'Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai' and 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' on top of that as i'm also a fan of them too ^~^V 
oh btw photo above is the stage for the Claris petit nendo's below.  

Feb 22, 2012

T.Z.W Mascot Project

Updated pic © in 2014
Been wanting to create my very own mascot since back in 2012, which makes me begin to pick up some digital art at that point of time and she's is now who she is having a better illustration as well as the custom doll ver as she's currently named as Hikari Morishima (光森島) instead, which we have updated a BIO just for her.

People around me do ask this so why named Hikari? 
Actually her name came from my work Project HIKARI from there i think it would be the best and one of the nicest name because i believe there is a miracle.

~T.Z.W aka Kazuki~

Feb 13, 2012

Standby Ready

Sharing something which released moons ago in 2004 魔法少女リリカルなのは known as Magcial Girl Lyrical Nanoha was the 1st tempting anime for me reason is simple just when i saw the red jewel hanging around nanoha's nack which named Raging heart says this STANDBY READY!... And this figma here is from Magcial Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers. :)